Stopping the Spread

With the flu season always around the corner somewhere, somehow, it is important to acknowledge and respect certain guidelines in order to avoid spreading germs and flu at work or at home. For mothers out there that have small kids, this can be especially difficult to do as they are basically germs with legs. It happens innocently enough as one member of the family gets sick and then it spreads from one person to another and before long everyone has been affected. Flu germs seem to come from just about anywhere, and once you experience symptoms, you know that you will be sick somehow in some way for about a week at least.


You will need to be strong to get through this time and there are some tips out here you can utilize to ensure that your family stays free and clear of the flu or at least alleviate the germs from spreading further.


Getting Vaccinated

Picture of a flu vaccine

Listen to the medical experts when they say vaccination is probably the best way to ensure that you don’t get the flu. Currently, there are four types of vaccines according to the Center for Disease Control. They advise that anyone over the age of 6 months who has not had a reaction before should get the flu vaccination.


Covering Sneezes and Coughs

Girl covering her nose

According to scientists, germs from the flu spread from droplets from the nose and mouth. In order to evade them, cover the mouth and the nose every time you sneeze or cough as this is the way in which they travel from one person to another. Be sure to have tissues nearby and wash hands directly afterward. If there are no tissues, use the crook of the elbow. For kids, teaching these general rules and ensuring they follow them can be especially problematic. But it is essential that they get it as young as possible because this makes it that much easier for your household to get through the flu months.


Don’t Touch Nose, Eyes, Mouth


The CDC says flu germs are able to live as much as eight hours when on harder surfaces, which is why you can easily acquire them and not even know it. Simply touching a doorknob and then touching your eyes or face can make you a potential victim. Keep your hands from your face and remind your kids to do the same and remind them often.


Washing Hands Often


You have heard this before but you will continue to hear it until the end of time – always remember to wash your hands and wash them often. The problem is that many don’t wash them long enough. Using soap, scrub for a minimum of 20 seconds, then rinse and then dry them. This ensures that your hands are really clean and free of potential germs. I find that sanitizers that you can buy over the counter can be quite effective and I usually have them lying around everywhere. If you want to keep your house germ-free, then do so. You will be happy you did.

A New Mop Needed

When it comes to cleaning my home, one of the things that can really throw my game off is when something I need is broken. What I am experiencing now is a bit of a loss now that my steam mop has died. I know that I have had it for a long time, but now I have to start searching the market again for a new one and you would be surprised at the number of brands out there selling their own versions, each one promising to be the best you’ve ever come across.


My search for more information included a number of places, starting with steamclean.reviews which gave me a lot of information concerning the truth about the germ killing action you can achieve with them. The following are a few of the brands I was able to include on my short list and that I am sure anyone will appreciate.


Bissell PowerFresh

Bissell PowerFresh

For those that are looking for a true muscle model, this is the one that can get rid of any types of clean-ups you may encounter, from the home types and even the commercial ones. With this machine, you are assured of a spotless finish that shines like never before! With the Bissell PowerFresh, you are afforded steam levels that can be adjusted in order to get just the right amount of steam for particular jobs. Because there are always some types of spills that need more power and this machine has a few steam levels you can play around with until you get just the right system in place.


At only 6 pounds, it also comes equipped with a cleaning pad that is 13 inches and is able to swipe under all counters, in tight corners and other areas that are hard to reach. From small stains to juices, hard to clean spaghetti stains, mustard, and more, this model passed with flying colors in test labs, when researchers let these sauces and stains dry overnight before the steamer was used on them.


This machine is really a wonder, able to get floors clear again after even the heftiest of stains, and sodas and juices were also not a problem. One of the hardest stains are those that lie there and linger and this model performs well with even those by releasing steam gently and steadily without leaving a wet mess during the process. In fact, during tests, it was able to steam at a temperature of about 175 degrees, making it one of the hottest steamers on the market these days.


Users note that the tank itself is fairly small and can only hold about 12 ounces, but it is refillable and easy to use, with steam heating up in only 27 seconds once you plug the model in. That means you waste no time between the spill and the clean-up, something a lot of brands cannot claim. Choose this model and make your life that much easier!


Light ‘N’ Easy

Light 'N' Easy

For households that are on a tighter budget, the Light N’ Easy steam mop is a light and effective steam cleaner to consider that is friendly to just about any income level and can get your floors and carpets clean without chemicals. During testing, this model was able to admirably clean up stains, although it is not as powerful as other models on the market. Some users report that is can be a bit of a hindrance in that this model necessitates a hand pump to get steam out, but for me it doesn’t matter all that much, so long as it is able to clean effectively. This version may require a bit more muscle from the user, but you will still get clean floors and carpets as the end result, which is ultimately the end game.


What I loved most about this model is that you can get high temperatures to clean surfaces, which means you have more opportunity to sanitize and clean mops as opposed to colder water. This model does not really have so many accessories as it is designed for floors, but you can also use it to sanitize your carpets. Those that love swivel heads may want to look elsewhere as this model doesn’t come with one and that means it will be harder to clean those corners and around other obstacles. But the good thing is that you will this a self-standing model and it is fairly easy to store away and you can even pause during the cleaning process and not have it take up too much space.

Home Clean Home

I am the type of person that believes a clean home is indeed a healthier and happier home. Not only do I wholeheartedly believe this, but studies have also supported my beliefs. Aside from cleaning and keeping my house tidy, the fact remains that I actually enjoy taking time out of my day to ensure it remains pristine.


I find that a way to save money is by keeping your home in order because once it gets out of hand, you will actually have to spend more money to get it back towards the status quo. Keeping floors and carpets disinfected is an absolute must and depending on your layout, this may be easier or harder to maintain over time. There is no question that technology has made living in these times so much easier, and there are plenty of dishwashers and vacuums out there that are beyond anything our mother could have imagined. We spoke with experts and here are some of the guidelines you can use to keep your home in tip-top shape.


Keep vinegar ready at all times.

Picture of vinegar and baking soda

It is definitely one of the must-haves in any household and I always have some in just about every room in the house. Use it by mixing with baking soda and get rid of those tough stains – red wine in particular – and also for your fridge, cleaning windows, and stains on your children’s hands.


Treating laundry with extreme care.


Turn those pockets inside out and you will ensure that your clothes are not as stained and you are able to keep them that way. Never wring woolens and sweaters out after you wash them. Instead of that, place on flat towels and then roll the towel to absorb the extra water before finally laying out to dry.


Greeting visitors with a hearty welcome.


For guests that remain overnight, they will enjoy the small touches that show you have taken some effort. If you don’t know how to make a bed properly with a hospital corner, you should as soon as possible.


Always remember to iron.

Mother and son ironing the clothes

Keeping crisp and clean shirts and pants necessitate having an iron in the house. Not only an iron, but you also have an iron that produces steam, include some starch, and know how to iron a crease into pants and shirts. Teach your kids how to iron early on and teach them the importance of knowing how to decipher clothing labels. Kids should know how to iron in grade school, and definitely before they are off to college.


Everything should smell good.


Nothing is as homey as fresh smells and incense and lavender smells will definitely open up your home. Add the scents to towels, linens, clothing and anything else you deem worthy. You only need a few drops and you will be amazed at the difference!


Toothpaste is not only for cavities.


Aside from brushing our teeth, use toothpaste to clean spots on walls and floors and even silver and jewelry.